was born December 10, 1929

died january 9th 2010

graduated 1957 University of California - Berkeley, Calif.,

He was a senior lecturer at the Makerere University College Medical School - Mulago General Hospital,Kampala,Uganda. until 1968.

Gene practised at West End Women's Medical Group, Montclair, Calif. 1976 - 1978 xxxand the West End Women's Medical Group, Reno, Nevada; as Medical Director from xxx1978 -1992.

Gene retired from direct patient care as of November 1, 1992; Still active as a Consultant, Educator, and Medical-Legal Expert to present.

The book that made him famous and from whitch he allows us to quote is called

"Surgical Abortion"

Publication Date - April '98


Mike Burnhill wrote the forword of "Surgical Abortion" :

xxx ""I am extremely pleased to have been asked to write the introduction for the monograph on performing first and second trimester abortion by Eugene Glick. I have known Gene for some 20 years or so, and was pleased when he sent me this monograph for my comments. Up to that point, I was convinced that his only means of communication was through a microphone at a seminar and that he had a case of the well known writer's block. Indeed in reviewing his curriculum vitae, prior to writing this forward, I noted that his oral presentations at meetings outnumbered his written papers by a count of 14 to two. This count does not even include the many times he shared his considerable expertise from the floor at meetings or risk management seminars.

xxxThis monograph is unique. First, it was written entirely by Gene. Second, it represents the distilled wisdom of a consummate clinician and practitioner whose innovations have already positively affected the way many of us practice. Third, it is written in an extremely personal and human style.

xxxMost important of all, the advice and suggestions are unique, practical, succinct, and workable. Many of the techniques are applicable not only for the abortion provider, but for the general gynecologist as well. I strongly recommend that everyone performing abortions, especially those in training to perform abortions, read this manuscript carefully from cover to cover, think about it, and then re-read it. They will be gaining the wisdom and experience of one of our masters in the art and science of performing pregnancy terminations. `'

Michael S. Burnhill, M.D., D.M.Sc.

Gene Glick is married to Ruth and has three children.

Charles and I are proud that Gene wanted to share his vast experience with us and we are sure that many abortion providing doctors will profit from his help.


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