(the underlined ones are indispensable, and should be at hand in the theatre)

Used medicines in Abortion Practice (in alphabetic order)

1. Alfentanyl, short acting analgetic 0,5 mg I.V. ante operationum

2. Atropine, anticholinergic drug, used anteoperationum as a 0.5 mg I.V. injection

3. Betadine (povidon jodium) desinfectant for vulva and vagina

3. Azithromycin, antibiotic for the prevention of ascending chlamydia infection, 4.tabl of 250mg in one gift.

4. Cetrimide (savlon) desinfectant for cleaning of the vulva and vagina.

5. Chlorhexidine (hibitane) desinfectant (anticeptic), id.

6. Demerol (pethidine) 50-100 mg I.V. analgetic

7. Di-Adreson F-aquosum, (cortison injections) for severe allergic reactions

8 Droperidol, antie-emeticum with anxiolytic effect. 2.5-5 mg. I.M.or I.V injection

9. Ergometrine, 15 mg tablets causing uterine contraction

10 Euphyllin, 10 ml = 175 mg theophyllin. I.V. for asthma and bronchospasm

11. Etomidate, general hypnotic, 10-20 mg I.V. for general aneasthesia

12. Fentanyl, analgetic. 0,1 mg I.V. ante operationum

11.Flumazenyl, (anexate) antidote against benzodiazepines

12. Midazolam, sedative/hypnotic , 1-7,5 mg I.V. ante operationum

13. Misoprostol (cytotec) prostaglandin tablets of 200 µg, cervixpreparant given

per os, buccal or vaginally 1-2 hours before the intervention

14. Naloxone, antodote against opiates & morfines

15. Oxytocin, (syntocinon) 5-10 I.U. inj I.V. causing Uterine contraction

16. Propofol, general anaesthetic, 2mg/kg I.V. for general anaesthesia.

17. Remi-fentanyl, very shortacting analgetic, 80 µg, I.V. ante operationum

18. Tavegyl, antallergic. I.V. injection of in case of allergic reactions


Oral tetracyclines and erythromycins have been the mainstay of chemotherapy for genital chlamydial infection in women. Problems of side-effects and compliance mean that new agents are still required.

Azithromycin, an azalide macrolide, as a single oral 1g dose, and the fluorinated 4-quinolone, ofloxacin 400 mg daily or 300 mg twice daily for 7 days, provide treatments that have some advantage over older regimens.

See also the chapter about " local versus general anaesthesia."

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