Your pregnancy has been terminated by a method known as Aspiration. With this method your uterus is completely emptied so that you will not have any loss of products of pregnancy. You may feel some slight abdominal pains and you may have some slight blood loss, mostly not more than spotting. The pains, though unpleasant, are a good sign. They indicate that your uterus is contracting to regain its normal size and to prevent blood loss and infection. You may rest assured that no damage has been done to your uterus, you may become pregnant again if you wish (or if you do not practise birth control) .

Pains, blood loss or spotting will cease today or at the latest tomorrow, but in some three or four days bleeding like a normal period will start. This is a result of the hormonal changes caused by the termination. You will be fit for any work or sport by tomorrow.

Since there is always a risk of getting an infection after termination you must take certain precautions:


1. No sexual intercourse for about a week.

2. Do not use tampons but hygienic pads in case of bleeding.

3. Do not swim or bath in a bath tub (a shower is permitted).

4. Bed rest should be avoided. Normal activities make your uterus contract better

Although complications are extremely rare, you should be aware of the signs. Come back to the clinic or consult your doctor if you experience one of the following signs (you may always call us if in doubt):


1. Persistent abdominal pains.

2. Blood loss more than a normal period.

3. Blood loss longer than one week.

4. Temperature higher than 38° (slight rise of temperature is normal after termination).


You may expect your next menstrual period in 4 till 6 weeks. But ovulation, and therewith the possibility to become pregnant again, may follow as early as two weeks after termination. You should therefore start birth control as soon as possible. If you want to take the pill we advise you to start tonight or tomorrow. This will prevent pregnancy and ensure that your period comes after finishing the first pack of pills.

In very rare cases the procedure does not succeed so that the pregnancy develops undisturbed. If you want to do a pregnancy test to be sure do so not earlier than two weeks after your treatment. Before that time the test may be positive because the compounds on which the test reacts are not eliminated from your body. Your next normal period generally comes 4 to 6 weeks after termination. If you don't get a period in time ring us. We can make an appointment for a thorough examination which is, of course, free of charge.