Joeri van den Bergh,MD.PhD. born 1936 in Amsterdam, wrote the 'Nederlands Handboek voor de Abortushulpverlening' (Dutch manual for abortionservices) unfortunately in dutch.

It was his plan to put the book on the web so that every doctor in the world could read it, and so could have the latest state of the art of pregnancy termination at hand.

His old friend Charles Schlebaum,MD, born 1935 in Schiedam, rewrote the 'handbook' in English for his colleaques in Suid Afrika and improved the systematics. He added many illustrative examples and handy appendices.

The works is now a combination of their efforts, and we do hope that many doctors and their patients may benefit from it.

Please help us to keep the book up to date and do not spare us your benevolent criticism. We will not avoid any discussions with friends who know better.


Nijeveen and Amsterdam, Netherlands

last revision spring 2010

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