a practical Guide for Doctors by

[Charles Schlebaum & Joeri van den Bergh]

with parts by Eugene Glick

reviewed & updated spring 2010


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The imaginary sick by Vermeer. The young lady was probably only in love.

See the doctors understanding smile to the servant.

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Abortion is not a cerebral or a reproductive issue.  Abortion is a
matter of the heart.  For until one understands the heart of a woman,
nothing else about abortion makes any sense at all.

                                Dr. George Tiller



Chapter 1. Summary of Methods

Chapter 2. Procedure in an Abortion Clinic.

Chapter 3. Diagnosis of Pregnancy.

Chapter 4. Counselling.

Chapter 5. Anaesthesia

Chapter 6. Termination of Early Pregnancy

Chapter 7. Principles of Aspiration

Chapter 8. Equipment and Instruments

Chapter 9. Aspiration and Aspirotomy

Chapter 10. Complicated Pregnancies

Chapter 11. Difficulties during Termination.

Chapter 12. Complications .

Chapter 13. Retained pregnancy.

Chapter 14. Rhesus Antagonism .

Chapter 15. Charting

Chapter 16 Abortion related breastcancer (why it does not exist: [click here]

Appendix 1. Abortion in the Netherlands

Appendix 3. Medicines

Appendix 4. Ultrasound Measurements

Appendix 5. Anaesthesia Protocol

Appendix 6. Checklist Aspiration

Appendix 7. Checklist Instruments

Appendix 8. Hospital versus Clinic

Appendix 9. Patients Forms (anamnesis) (examination).

(instructions for after the treatment)


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